Committed to the art of filmmaking, The RIZOMA Festival supports auteur driven films and original story-telling in all formats.  Our film programming is focused on Spanish/Spanish-language Independent Film, International Premieres and conceptual programming inspired by our chaining themes. One of


Music is one of the most important narrative elements for filmmakers and has been an integral part of The RIZOMA Festival from the get-go.   For its music programming, RIZOMA tries to find unique settings, offering audiences an experience outside


Our Art Programming ranges from installations, to workshops, to artist talks and is usually inspired by our theme for that edition and community engagement. As with the RIZOMA FILM PRIZE, the RIZOMA ART PRIZE is designed to help launch the

2011: John Waters debuts in Spain This Filthy World

“It’s a joyous speech about being insane….. It involves everything from current events to crime and fashion, to all my movies to all the people I’ve worked with, to all the movies I want to make, to how to be

2017: Las Janes

“El primer grupo ameba del punk rock, un descalabre musical.” Foto: Carolina Cebrino En la Tropical Moon Party – Domingo 25 de MAYO – Sala Caracol – 20:00h. ENTRADAS ANTICIPADAS Las Janes son un grupo musical cuyas componentes provienen de las

2017: Tom Sachs presents A Space Program

RIZOMA had the honor of bringing to Madrid for the first time celebrated artist Tom Sachs and debuting his film A Space Program Miércoles 24 de MAYO – 20:30H – CINETECA MADRID Sábado 27 de MAYO – 22:15H – FILMOTECA

2013: RIZOMA brings you David Lynch’s first visit to Madrid

Save the Date! From October 15-16, you are going to want to be in Madrid with RIZOMA and DAVID LYNCH. We still can’t believe it, but we’ve managed to bring David Lynch to close our Trans- 2013 edition! In 2011,

2011: Hidrogenesse

An art-rock electronica duo formed in Barcelona by Carlos Ballesteros and Genís Segarra in 1996, with the idea of creating a conceptual group in the KLF style, in which all styles of music cross-collaborate in borrowing and integrating ideas. Since

2010: Luz Interruptus installation in the village of Molinicos

Luz Interruptus is an anonymous collective that creates light installations in public spaces. In our 2010 edition in the village of Molinicos (Albacete, Spain) the installation was placed in the river running through the abandoned area of the village to

2015: The Wolfpack (Crystal Moselle)

***COMPRA TU ENTRADA***  THE WOLFPACK Crystal Moselle / 2015 / EE.UU. 80 min. > ESTRENO NACIONAL SINOPSIS Los hermanos Angulo no salen apenas de su apartamento del Lower East Side de Manhattan; lo único que saben del exterior es lo

2017: DJ Meneo

Sonidos electro tropicales, guateque sonoro. En la Tropical Moon Party – Domingo 25 de MAYO – Sala Caracol – 20:00h. ENTRADAS ANTICIPADAS Rigo Pex, más conocido como MENEO, es un musicólogo, performer y presentador guatemalteco. Acuñó el término “electropical” y

2012: Helí García, Winner of the First RIZOMA ART Prize

Es un placer anunciaros el ganador del I Premio RIZOMA de ARTE con The Wassaic Project y santalucía seguros. HELI GARCÍA Astronauta 30 x 30 cm. T. mixta sobre tabla 2012 El artista Helí García ha sido seleccionado entre 87

2013: Special Premiere: Frances Ha (Noah Baumbach)

USA / Fiction / 86´ / 2012 Frances is 27 and lives with her best friend Sophie in New York. She is busy reinventing her career as a dancer. Again. And again. Although it’s been a while since she graduated,

2013: JD Samson (Dj Set)

JD Samson is best known as leader of the band MEN and for being one-third of the electronic-feminist-punk band and performance project, Le Tigre. For more than a decade JD’s career as a singer, producer and DJ has landed her

2013: Rafafans: TRANSmutados, collage workshop and exhibit

The idea of the collage as an ends and not as a means. The process, the mutation… We will create several collective based on visitor participation and collective group inspiration. Think of hair as texture for a moment, or in

2015: Special Premiere: Whiplash (Damien Chazelle)

2 de NOVIEMBRE – 17H – CINETECA MADRID + Coloquio con la psicóloga Mº José Tenorio para dialogar las complejidades del film. + Concierto breve del batería Jimmy Castro (grupo Tony Zenet) Rizoma presenta el estreno en Madrid de Whiplash,

2010: DJ Mira Aroyo (Ladytron)

Mira Aroyo was born in Sofía, Bulgaria in 1977. She currently lives in London. She is a member of the celebrated band Ladytron, in which she plays the keyboards, sings and composes some of the songs. In addition to other

2015: Community Engagement: Hi-tech Patchwork

***GRATUITO***  Los patchworks son una institución en la cultura de los pueblos Norteamericanos y representan un gran acto de colaboración, reciclaje, arte, y punto de encuentro social para las mujeres del pueblo. RIZOMA reinventará el patchwork con telas inteligentes, telas